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have had two men killed. not only was haywood murdered but also a local citizen, a swedish immigrant had been wounded and they needed help from the professionals. well, st. paul and minneapolis have always been highly competitive in sports, business, and it turns out very competetive when it came to chasing outlaws. they were jealous. they did not want one force to get all the glory so they refused to work together. had they worked together there's a good chance the manhunt would end sooner but they would not. and they were good spinning their lies riding to the big woods of minnesota to the west and southwest of northfield. whenever they encountered a farmer or someone on the road they would say we're looking for horse thieves. we're the posse after the outlaws. and people accepted it. people were very innocent at that time. and they saw a bunch of guys with guns, oh, yeah, if you need a horse or -- can we borrow a sad until oh, yeah, here, go get this outlaws. so they were very good at fooling people as they were escaping through the minnesota woods. the other thing that assisted t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1